Sad, but true. Every year thousands of women and children become the victims of poverty and injustice in India. They are modern day slaves, and more often than not they're forced to work in brothels or as "call girls". In a vicious cycle of poverty, power, and corruption, they have this one thing in common with all the unreached people groups of the world…they will not know freedom unless someone from outside is Sent to rescue and restore them!

Sending Team India is working to help rehabilitate the women and children who have been rescued from this darkness. We, like many people in the world, have only recently discovered this terrible reality. However, we are rising up to do what we can to bring freedom to those in captivity and offer rehabilitation and restoration to their souls.

Our workers and partners are presently serving at a girl's home consisting of girls who have come out of this environment. Many of them have transitioned well and are very healthy both physically, emotionally, and spiritually.